The Commission

The Government of Uttarakhand in exercise of powers conferred by the Section-12 and 13 of The Uttarakhand Right to Service Act (URTS Act), 2011 (Uttarakhand Act No. 20 of 2011) has constituted a Commission, comprising of the Chief Commissioner and two Commissioners. A Notification No. 164/ XLIII(I)/ 14-20(01)/2014 dated 13 March 2014 of this effect has been issued by the Suraj, Bhrastachaar Unmoolan & Janseva Section of the Uttarakhand Government.

The Commission is a body corporate having its office at Dehradun. The Chief Commissioner of the Commission is entrusted with the powers of general superintendence and direction in the conduct of affairs of the Commission. The Commission primarily has to ensure proper implementation of the URTS Act and make suggestions to the State Government for ensuring better delivery of services.

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